Acoustics represents about ten percent of Manuel Mohino’s activities. This scientific approach of acoustics phenomenons has naturally thrived on his many experiences of sound recording, in various acoustical conditions, sometimes marvelously adapted to the recorded music, sometimes not at all. And conversely, this acoustics knowledge helped him in his sound recording job. Thus, the realization of several studios intended for cinema or video allowed Manuel Mohino to wisely grasp the problems and needs related to recording and to the multichannel reproduction of music.

Manuel has taught acoustics for several years in the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. Since 2010, he teaches architectural acoustics in the INSAS of Brussels, an internationally-reputed film school.


Acoustic design

Throughout the years, Manuel has signed the acoustical design of more than twenty recording studios as well of various rooms (conferences rooms, multi-purposes rooms, cultural rooms, theatre). Here are some examples:

  • Studio l’Equipe
  • Three mixing studios for films, a Foley studio, four video post-production studios, fifteen sound editing modules.

  • Arrogant music
  • A recording and music mixing studio, two modules for midi programing.

  • Waterloo’s communal house
  • Council room and multi-purposes show room, corrections.

  • Dame Blanche
  • A studio of film post-synchronization, a studio and a control room for video post-production.

  • Eghezée's commune
  • Theatre room of the cultural center, corrections.

  • French Community of Belgium
  • Classrooms of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.

Some acoustics projects