Ars altis aedificiis profunda jacit fundamenta. Sic natura arboribus elatis firmiores & profundiores providit radices.
The art of high buildings is set up on deep foundations. So, nature has endowed trees that resolutely soar up to the sky with strong roots.

Antwerpiae (Antwerp) 1647

In more than a 25-year career, Manuel Mohino has participated to many projects as recording engineer or producer. The list being long, this website highlights a few references. For more information about his work, click on the album covers or go to the References page to discover his work in a more general way.

About this site

Manuel Mohino doesn’t always work alone, he teams up with passionate professionals, always with state-of-the-art equipment of Ars Altis.

Whether as a producer or as a recording engineer, Manuel Mohino works closely together with the musicians for their music to blossom in the best conditions.

Alta Pictura

Sound and music are indivisible, they enhance each other.

Discover the beauty of music through the special website of Alta Pictura. Watch musical videos directed by Manuel Mohino and filmed by his specially trained team.